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About Us


We are a small family owned and run business. We operate strictly out of our home and do not have a store front. We're located in Saskatchewan, Canada! I started my business after making my dogs an instagram account (@canadianmountainboys). I have a kitty named hoagie, saint named moose and a rotti cross named cobra. I noticed so many amazing small shops and decided thats what I wanted to do. Im a stay at home mom to 2 young children and wanted a way to bring in a little extra income for our family. I took a few months to research different products and what exactly I wanted to sell. Thats when I came across rope leashes!!! I fell in LOVE! They're just so unique and there are endless colour combinations that can be used to dye your leash. As we started to grow I started bringing in more products. We now have a wide variety of items for pets AND pet parents. I want to thank all my past, current and future customers for supporting my dream! We have a LOVE for adventure, hiking, exploring - just being outside all the time. Our number one favourite thing to do as a family is... camping!!! 

This site has been made in loving memory of my pup Bear.  

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