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-I am not responsible for the hardware (o-rings, lobster claw clips, D rings, Sliders) breaking as i did not make these. If they break it is out of my control. Though I have had no complaints of any hardware breaking.

-We have no control over how the rope color will fade over time and/or extended use. We also have no control over how the cotton rope fibers wear over time and/or extended use. Please check your gear before every use and replace when necessary!

-We can not guarantee that the leashes will be EXACTLY 2ft, 4.5ft, 5ft, 7ft. I will not refund you for the leashes not being exactly 4.5ft, ect. These leashes may vary slightly in length as they are handmade, but we try our best to get them as close as possible to length stated. If you do notice the length is off by alot, please contact me!

-I can not guarantee the exact shade of colour, rope texture, packaging, ect.

-We can not guarantee an EXACT replica of a product you have seen, we can try our best to get the leash looking the same for you​.

-Canadian mountain pet wear is not held liable for any damages while our products are in use. We are not liable for injury or death caused by but not limited to: misuse or improper use of our products, defect in material or the product itself. It is the buyers responsibility to make sure the product is in good condition for use. 

-By purchasing - Consumers herby waive all liability claims against Canadian Mountain Pet Wear.

Thank you for supporting Canadian Mountain Pet Wear 

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