Eco canvas is a polyester canvas made with 45% recycled content. Why is this so amazing? Our collars are incredibly durable and very easy to clean - perfect for those pets who like to get dirty or go on lots of adventures. We also use heavy polypropylene webbing as a backing. Our webbing is water proof, mildew resistant and UV resistant.


Our collars are a 2 in 1. They can be used as a regular flat collar, or a martingale. Just simply connect your leash to either the martingale or flat collar d ring. These collars "Slip" over your pets head - so please make sure you order a size big enough to fit over your dogs head. Need help? Contact us! We also have MATCHING wood tags for all our collars - head over to "wood tags" on our website to find them!


>Choose width / Size of collar

-1" Small ~ 10" to 14"

-1" Medium ~ 13" to 20"

-1" Large ~ 19" to 29"

-1.5" Small ~ 10" to 14"

-1.5" Medium ~ 13" to 20"

-1.5" Large ~ 19" to 29"


Please note: Due to the design of fabric patterns -Pattern placement will vary from product to product. We try to our best to get it as close as we can!

Canadian Rockies Eco Collar

What width and size would you like the collar?