Our leashes are made with 100% natural cotton rope that has not been bleached, So it is a nice cream colour. All rope leashes come with nickle hardware. Rope leashes are soft and easy on the hands. The rope has a slight "give" to help absorb the shock of a pull or jerk. 



-MINI - 1/4" 100% cotton rope. These collars are best suited for dogs/cats with a neck size of 8in to 13in. A breaking strength of up to 400lbs.
-LARGE - 3/8" 100% cotton rope. These collars are best suited for dogs with a neck size of 14in +. A breaking strength of up to 700lbs.

**These are recommendations only. Feel free to purchase the size you think will work better for your pet**

>Choose Size of Collar
*Mini - best suited neck sizes 8in - 13in
*Large - best suited neck sizes 14in +

>Choose Dyeing Style


*Solid - All of the collar will be dyed, from end of clip to o-ring

*Ombre - One side of collar will be dyed, Other side will be left natural


>Choose your Colors

*Up to 3 colors on a collar, we can do more colors but this would result in a custom order, and any additional colors added will be $5 each on top of current price.

*Colors we offer are the last two photos on this listing

>Choose your dogs neck size
*PLEASE NOTE: We recommend to add an additional 1-2" at least! Make sure you order your collar large enough to "SLIP" over your dogs head if ordering a slip collar. We recommend to use a soft tape measure to measure around your pets neck. Please DO NOT measure your pets current collar.



>Collars are NON-ADJUSTABLE, because of the nature of these items, unless they arrive defective or damaged we will not be accepting returns or refunds. **Make sure you double check your measurements before ordering.**


***Each item is handmade so there may be a slight variation in colours and/or length.

Slip Collar

Size of Collar
Dyeing style