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All our decals come in 3 sizes. A Small , Medium or Large. 


Our vinyl decals are perfect for laptops, walls, vehicles, ect.  


We can make CUSTOM vinyl decals! Want something specific? Give us a message and we will be happy to help you! 




-Suited for both indoor and outdoor use.

-Permanent vinyl , Once used it can not be used again. 

-Oracal 751 is thicker, waterproof and can withstand the outdoor elements.


Application Method: 

-Clean the area with a damp clean cloth. If youre using a cleaner, make sure it does not leave any residue. 

-Before peeling the paper backing off. Place your decal on a hard flat surface. Using a credit card (or something similar) apply firm pressure along your decal. This ensures that the decal has adhered to the transfer tape.

-Peel the paper backing off.

-Place decal on your desired area. 

-Smooth over with a credit card (or something similar) to ensure the decal has adhered to the area.

-Carefully remove the transfer tape from the decal. 

-All done!




-We are not responsible for any damage caused by improper use or application of the decal. 

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